After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Call us old-fashioned or — if you really wanna go there — call us wussies, but we’re still kind of deeply frightened of Four Loko. Believe us, we like a good beer (or four) but something about the name, combined with the fact that Four Loko is essentially a giant can of death elixir sketches us out. Just a tad. read more »

Ever wonder what a day in the life of everyone’s favorite (and we mean everyone’s — no shame, here) rock’n'roll band was like? Not satisfied with the answers The Beatles themselves provided in their song “A Day in the Life” or in their movie, “A Hard Day’s Night?”

Then send all your lovin’ — and your heiny — up to 105 North Gate Hall sometime before Feb. 1 to check out  The Beatles “A Mad Day Out, 1968,” an exhibit which features photographs by Stephen Goldblatt taken one Sunday, July 28, 1968 throughout London. read more »

Meh.This is a little old, but with the Giants-Phillies series tied at 1-1, it might be, uh, even more relevant (?!) now: Our good ol’ buddy John Yoo thinks that Phillies baseball is more worthy of the label “torture” than Giants baseball. (Former Daily Cal-er) Joe Eskenazi disagrees. [SF Weekly]


Cal football needs to put up some better stats. Stat! Groan. [Extra Points]

A trio of muggings at gunpoint, a trio of things to make you nervous walking home at night. What else is new? [CBS5], via SFist

Earlier: Not-So-Excellent Operation Edition

Well, this video that the men’s soccer team made during a bus ride from Oregon State to the University of Washington is pretty effin’ adorable:

But it does leave us with a few questions, including, but not limited to: read more »

OK, we really wanted to try to avoid making too many dirty jokes, but even if we played this straight, it would still sound pretty funny:

The San Francisco Zoo wants you to name its anaconda. Oh yeaaaahhh. Ahem. Sorry about that. As the grand prize winner, you will get the naming rights, along with a “unique behind-the-scenes experience” for you and ten of your BFFs, PLUS a “large,” “plush” stuffed snake. We know you’d like to get your hands on that.

Anyway, the reptile in question is a male, and green. The deadline is October 8. And we’re guessing that in terms of names, their anaconda don’t want none unless you got puns, hun!  (Annd facepalm.)

The Badger Song (original) badger badger badger x3 mushroom snake [YouTube]


You should check yours before you wreck yours. Seriously, write that shiz down, because the selection of available classes is not getting any wider.

In case you haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, you can find your Phase I and Phase II times in your BearFacts under the “Registration” tab, when you click on “Tele-BEARS Appointment.” When we checked our Tele-BEARS account, the only thing that came up under the “Appointment” tab was our Phase I time, so you might want to go straight to BearFacts.

Phase I starts Oct. 18, which means it’s coming up pretty quickly. It ends Nov. 9, while Phase II starts Nov. 12. Fun times!

Image Source: joeybaltimore under Creative Commons

And now for something a little different: A round-up! Of awards that the Clog is awarding to Homecoming events! Based on their titles! Dumb? Whatever. Here are the full listings for the student homecoming events (Oct. 4-9) and the weekend events for everybody, if you’d rather wade through them yourself.

So, without further ado … read more »

Ah yes, it seems to be MacArthur Grant-awardin’ time, again, doesn’t it? You know the drill: Every year, the MacArthur Foundation picks between 20 and 25 “geniuses” to receive $500,000 over the course of five years — with which to do whatever they want. Because people who are that awesome do not need help deciding how to spend their money.

And, once again, we have TWO faculty members reppin’ the Berks, which is double the number from any other academic institution. read more »

A clue! (Number 16 ... since a Berkeleyside commenter already answered it.)Berkeleyside wants you to answer them these questions 20. But only if you really want the prize, which is $25 to this high-end takeout place on College Avenue, Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. So, pretty much, you want to participate in this contest. (Yeah, we may or may not be salivating while reading their menu right now … )

The contest is clearly aimed at folks in the Berkeley community with considerable movie trivia in their back pockets, since all the questions are obscure tidbits about Berkeley on the big screen. Berkeleyside is also billing it as “The Google-proof movie quiz.” Which leads us to believe that this contest is also aimed at old people, and not students, who know that no query is really “Google-proof.” read more »

You want to know what’s cool? Guerilla activism. You, like, go around hanging up fliers over High School Musical posters (hruh?), and you, like, climb on door frames and spray paint things onto the sidewalks. You raise your hand in a group discussion setting of some sort …

Because you’re just that cool. All of this must be done in the dead of night, obviously. Did we mention that? No? Good, because if you’re really cool, it shouldn’t need to be said.

And if you really want to take your hipness to the next level, read more »

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