We may be living the good life on our own spring break playgrounds (i.e. the beaches of Mexico and/or Florida), but Berkeley’s got a playground all of its own. And it took the Chron about a year and a half to notice.

Back in October of 2005, the Daily Cal published an article on the Adventure Playground at Berkeley Marina. We said, “Let there be playground.” And there was playground. And it was good.

But the Chron decided to do something better: adorable pictures of children. We’re not exactly kid-friendly, but seriously, how can you deny your instinct to breed when you see the cutest child ever? Get to the fornicating already.

The Adventure Playground lets kids make their own playground. Kids get to paint, hammer and saw to their little heart’s content (under supervision of course).

As one parent stated, “this is very Berkeley.” The playground recycles items–such as boats, ropes, tires and pianos–into play equipment and crazy-colored forts.

These kinds of playgrounds first appeared in Europe after World War II. Around 1,000 still exist. In the 1970s, the height of their popularity, the U.S. saw about 30 such playgrounds. Now, outside the Bay Area, there are only two remaining in Irvine and Hungtington Beach.

The playground is open Saturdays and Sundays, but in the summer it’s open every day. Adventure Playground will need more staff and is currently accepting applications. If you’re into carpentry and you love kids, then you may already have your summer job lined up for you. Get ready to kick every little punk’s ass at Red Rover.

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