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If there’s anything Berkeley likes to get up in arms about, it’s people getting overpaid.

The Alameda County Grand Jury published a report finding that the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board is a “self-sustaining bureaucracy that operates without effective oversight and accountability.” Ooh so many buzzwords being thrown around, our eyes hurt. Oversight! Accountability! Bureaucracy! Rahhh get riled!

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swine-fluJust a day after The World Health Organization declared swine flu a global pandemic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers movie download , the virus has proven lethal for two middle-aged Alameda County men who were already hospitalized for unrelated reasons.

And apparently their deaths aren’t as anomalous as they seem: There’s already been 50 confirmed cases of swine flu and 10 probable cases in the county. Malcolm X Elementary in Berkeley was even closed for two days in May after a child was diagnosed with the flu.

So you can put away your various “when pigs fly”-related jokes, because the pigs have flown kids. We suggest you start pimpin’ out your new face mask.

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Alameda County Marks Its First Two Swine Flu-Related Deaths [Daily Ca

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