20120315_200033The cold wind and rain scream slouching beanies, fingerless gloves and most importantly HOODIES! If for some reason you are the one hipster without a hoody, or your old one is so old that it does not even work with your “yeah my clothes are holey who gives a $*%@” look, here is a quick review of the three most popular hoody options.

1. The obvious first choice is the one, the only, the American Apparel hoody. Available in any color under the sun, when we think of a hoody we think of this metro-sexual, overpriced but sooooo necessary zip-up. We dare you to sit at Tully’s overlooking Sproul Plaza and count the number of passing students with this signature fleece. But, now, wait a sec … if everyone has one are they …. dare we say it … mainstream?! read more »

Amer AparLooking around the Berkeley campus we find them everywhere.  Hanging out in a coffee shop with their MacBooks, on Memorial Glade with a pair of aviators and shoes off, on the steps of Wheeler hall reading or walking in exactly 10 minutes after the hour to their Literature / Art History / Film classes.  Hipsters.  Well, the population may be increasing due to hipster clothing being discounted to a fraction of the price.  We may see Berkeley inching our way closer to the top of the “Most Hipster Campus”  list. Feeling edgy? read more »


A few months ago, we waxed apocalyptic about what appeared to be American Apparel’s impending financial doom. However, it looked as though AA would slide through, albeit into a more humbled position, as investors offered to loosen some slack and renegotiate loan covenants. Nope.

American Apparel is in deeper doo-doo than ever. The New York Stock Exchange is threatening to delist them and their accountant just quit, saying their numbers might not be reliable. And suffice it to say, a lot is riding on AA keeping those numbers up. In this moment of crisis, AA management has finally come to openly acknowledge the hard truth behind their trouble: “hipster is over.” read more »

american apparel

Take a second to imagine a Telegraph Avenue – a world, in fact – minus American Apparel. Without the one-stop-shop for bow ties, leggings and assless tights, where on Earth would you go to outfit yourself for a ridiculous theme-party (Berkeley at large sometimes feels like one) while remaining sexy and with-it?

Buried somewhere within that rhetorical question, perhaps, lies the answer to why American Apparel is in grave financial jeopardy. read more »