It seems like the Lawrence Berkeley Lab is always getting in the news for something or other. Now, it’s for getting a pretty sweet cut out of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act pot—$7 million, to be vaguely precise. And this time the funding is for geothermal energy research.

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raining-moneyhKeep it coming,” say our scientists as they bathe in a sea of pale green. This week it was announced that UC Berkeley scientific research endeavors would receive the fattest wad yet of the trusty American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s stimulus bills – about $8.6 million. This money goes directly toward combating buggers like infectious and immunologic diseases and cancer. We wouldn’t mind some pocket change for hiring professors and keeping departments open, but we suppose humanity will benefit from fewer pathogens on its plate.

Specifically, the money will reach Gregory Barton, who will research gene similarities between humans and mice, Daniel Portnoy and his quest to root out the relationship between certain pathogens and immune cells, and Karen Clyde, who noblely works toward a cure for cancer. This allocation comes on the heels of a $1.5 million handout for the study of particles and string theory

Masters of the Universe trailer Solstice movie The Best Man release and another $1.5 for allergy research. That’s a highly brag-worthy total of $8.6 million in cold federal cash, ‘n counting; somebody get a ticker going.

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