For the past few months, armed robbers have held up various Asian restaurants and their customers in Albany, Berkeley, Oakland and other Bay Area cities. If you are an Asian food connoisseur, don’t worry–the police have finally arrested a suspect. However, according to the suspect–19-year-old Lance Lindquist of Oakland–it seems the string of holdups wasn’t about an Asian fetish, after all.

Asked if Lindquist explained why Asian restaurants were targeted, Campbell said, “Basically, what Mr. Lindquist told me was that he picked restaurants that there were a lot of cars in front of and had a lot of people inside, and that was Asian restaurants.”

Does this mean we are now free to eat our walnut prawns in peace? Well, as long as Lindquist is the the actual guy, and they find his accomplice. For now, just eat Italian.

Image Source: Florian Boyd under Creative Commons
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