barbiePlaying with Barbies, whether just dressing them up or chopping off their heads and hiding them for siblings to find, is a significant part of many childhoods. Galia Slayen, a student at Hamilton College, has built a life-size Barbie which definitely seems a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, with body parts taken from people of ridiculously different sizes.

The Barbie is meant to bring awareness to the prevalence of eating disorders and body issues and illustrates the impossibility of female standards today. With a body so completely unnatural looking, she definitely does her job.

Here are some alarming things about Barbie which you may or may not know:

– If Barbie were actually real, she would need to walk on all fours like an animal due to the absurdity of her proportions.

– There are 2 Barbies sold every second.

– In 1965, “Slumber Party Barbie” was introduced. She came with her very own manual entitled “How to Lose Weight” with the wonderful and succinct directions of “Don’t Eat.”

Image Source: luiza p. under Creative Commons
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