It seems we’ve already established that BART is not always the safest place to be, and that the BART police have, in at least a few instances, been part of that problem.

In the latest instance of questionable behavior, a man was Tased at the Downtown Berkeley BART station after allegedly failing to pay his fare. An officer said he saw the man, a one Jason Johnson, exit without paying the toll. He then pursued Johnson, ordering him to stop and then tasing him in the back when he did not comply. This has raised a few eyebrows within the BART administration and elsewhere. read more »

bart police

In the past couple of months, BART police have demonstrated some … regrettable behavior. Allow us to refresh your memory: shot a guy, (apparently) caused a guy’s head to go through a window (watch the video here!) and recently had their taser privileges taken away. Still, we see some kinda skeezy-looking characters on those trains and we’re glad to know that BART police exist. In any case: this summer BART cops become bike cops. read more »