basketpong1Tired of beer pong? Want to try something different? Check this shit out.

Basket pong. We decided to accept the burden of drinking and having a good time with this new game. And it was all for you, the reader. We’d do anything for you.

So you set up this backboard and put cups in that 3-2-3 formation you can see in the picture. There’s another slot farther down the pole (which is not pictured) to hold the water cup. It also collapses into a portable suitcase. Then you throw balls into the cups according to the rules you just made up, at least until it starts devolving into a free-for-all-let’s-get-drunk-fest. read more »

beer pongWhat do college students Google? We’d imagine a lot: student loans, academic probation, scholarships or perhaps GPA. Well, almost. According to one investigation, students tend to Google what they seek in their college experience. The facts speak for themselves – “beer pong” is searched nearly 14 times as much as “college admissions.”

Partying is definitely a priority in trends with “beer pong” receiving 60,500 hits per month, followed by “flip cup,” “keg stand” and — wait for it — “We’re going streaking through the quad” with 140 global monthly searches. The search, “top party schools” receives 8,100 Google searches in a given month with “Penn State,” “ASU” and “UCSB”  arising most often as Google’s insightful response.

Top food-related searches include, “campus food,” “dining hall,” “campus delivery” and “chinese food college station.” The most Googled dining halls include those at UCLA, University of Michigan, Rutgers University and University of Washington.

Interestingly, “academic probation” is searched twice as much as “College GPA” and “student loans” gets 56 times more monthly searches than  ”college tuition.” After all, college isn’t exactly a cheap date. [See budget cut protests].

Image source: gojeffrey under Creative Commons
College, according to keywords [The Degree 360]

3478685329_5774ee9047Disclaimer: All ye gullible college students, do not take the PSA at right seriously. Or, do. If beer pong doesn’t exacerbate the dreaded herp then we seriously doubt it’s going to spread swine flu.

Which doesn’t mean the potential pandemic shouldn’t be taken at least sort of kind of seriously. Thus far at least 149 people in Mexico have died of suspected swine flu (only 20 confirmed); cases have also sprung up in several states this side of the border, including California; and a few have been reported in various other countries across the globe.

However, according to Dr. Tomas Aragon of UC Berkeley’s Center for Infectious Disease and Emergency Readiness (not the catchiest title, is it?), we have a ways to go before the outbreak reaches pandemic status. And that’s all very well and good, although the Clog has noticed a rather irritating trend in the eruption of freaked-out articles that are currently infesting our interwebs: plenty of hooplah about people dying, but not too much info about the symptoms. The more research we do, the more it sounds suspiciously like the common cold.

Not helpful. If we’re going to keel over of piggy illness at any moment, we’d like to at least know it’s coming.

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Developments on swine flu worldwide [SFGate]
Ways to go before outbreak becomes a pandemic [SFGate]

It’s official: Beer pong, although generally unsanitary for obvious reasons, will not in fact give you herpes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement debunking the rumor that had been striking terror into the hearts of college students everywhere.

You know what this means, right? Put down your laptops and break out the Natty Ice. It’s time to celebrate.

Video Source: Beer Pong Herpes Outbreak [Colbert Nation]
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