Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

BPD asks if you’ve seen a 5’7″ slender man wearing a dark hoodie recently. Oh, there are about 10 in your field of vision right now? Well this is more difficult than expected … [Daily Cal]

Check out these teenagers getting skanky in the name of school spirit. Take it easy, kids. You’ll have plenty of time to scantily clothe yourselves in American Apparel during college. Also, we feel old. [Berkeleyside]

The Bay Bridge will still be closed tomorrow morning and there are no official estimates on when it will reopen. Well, on the bright side, if it collapses completely no one will be on it. [SFGate]

We hope all the otters are OK. Are there otters in the Bay? Oh, nevermind, this just sucks. [The Bay Area]

Image Source: Nathan Yan, Daily Cal [ASIB]
Earlier: Makin’ Their Marks

In a city full of impressionable, young college students who all want to change the world–homeless people, cults, clever marketing schemes and fundraisers have it made. There’s always a student or two who will feel a pang of sympathy for the desperate, soliciting souls out there.

Take us, for instance. About a month ago on Sproul Plaza, the Clog met a dashing young man rocking the typical Bay Area youth uniform: a grill, a street cap and of course, the all over print hoodie. Clipboard in hand and grill slurring, he asked for a cash donation to help send his baseball team to some random state.

We gave the dude a dollar because he totally looked like a baseball player (and we were having a good day).

But today, we find this shocker in the Berkeley Daily Planet:

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. This just in: an unnamed 16-year-old teen flipped his SUV while driving illegally to school at 8:04 a.m. this morning. According to reports, the car careened out of control while turning from Martin Luther King Jr. Way onto Allston Way, flipped and then slammed into a cement planter. Luckily the planter was there, too, because it came between several thousand pounds of skidding metal and, well, Berkeley High School.

Police say that no one was injured as few people were on campus so early in the morning. The shaken driver is in a lot of doo-doo for driving that SUV without a license–otherwise, he’s fine.

Except for the part where he fled the scene of a hit-and-run in a completely separate collision. That one was perpetuated a few minutes earlier by himself when he sideswiped a car about a block from the high school before speeding off again. Now, if only Berkeley students were always that eager to get to class…

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