If you have time and money to spare for excessive indulgences like the theatre, we have two words for you, and they are not nice. But really, we’re jealous and will just have to live vicariously should you choose to hit up any of the following:

We heard about “The Great Game: Afghanistan” sometime last week, and it’s since received consistently positive reviews for its expansive, three-part portrayal read more »

aladdin danceAdmit it, you always wanted a magical flying carpet. Watching the Berkeley Playhouse’s rendition of Disney’s Aladdin will remind you just how cool it would be to fly around campus on said magic carpet. Conclusion: you should go see Aladdin.

Sadly, there’s no genie-fied Robin Williams to throw in those perfectly-timed jokes that kids laugh at and adults actually understand, but the show’s gotten some solid reviews even in his absence. This childhood favorite is only going to be playing for one more day, though—the show closes on Sunday, Sept. 5—so save your homework for another time and go have some good ol’ nostalgic fun tonight!

Show length: 90 minutes (with intermission)
Ticket price: $33 (adult)

Image Source: armadillo444 under Creative Commons
Aladdin at Berkeley Playhouse [Berkeley Playhouse]


MOOORE?!? Yes!

Everyone loves a good musical rendition of a classic Dickens novel; at least that’s how the Clog feels. Lucky for us, the Berkeley Playhouse is showing their rendition of “Oliver!” for the next few weeks—you can rejoice over “Food, Glorious Food” and other snazzy tunes all the way until May 16.

Adult tickets run at $28 in advance and $33 at the door—a little pricy, but we’re sure it’s well worth the cash. The performance runs for a solid 2 hours and 20 minutes (that’s including the intermission, folks) and is deemed suitable for children of all ages, so feel free to bring your roommate along.

Image Source: theilr under Creative Commons
Oliver! [Berkeley Playhouse]


If this week’s weather didn’t satisfy your desire for gentle showers and puddle hopping, take a stroll down College Avenue to see the Berkeley Playhouse’s production of “Singin’ in the Rain.” That’s right, folks, the much beloved musical has made its way to the Julia Morgan stage and is here to stay … until March 21, that is.

The stage adaptation has a run time of just under 2 hours and 30 minutes (intermission included), and is filled with the same lively tunes that you remember from the original.

Despite our childish mindsets, college students are considered to be adults and thus must pay a ticket price of $28, but hey, for a show that will get you to smile at dark clouds and hop up on lampposts, that’s not too bad.

Singin’ In The Rain [Berkeley Playhouse]
Image Source: purplemattfish under Creative Commons