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A Berkeley man spotted spray-painting a BART was apprehended by police on University Avenue on Monday; upon attempt of arrest, the Berkeley man used his pit bull to hold the officers off. Now that is what we call man’s best partner in crime. read more »


Spotted: Council woman Susan Wengraf of District 6 jumping into a Berkeley patrol car. Sadly, our gossip isn’t as juicy as you’d might hope — she wasn’t arrested for anything like sleeping/sitting on a sidewalk in public, but was instead taking a ride-along with BPD.

Berkeleyside quotes Wengraf as saying, “I helped catch a criminal. It was so much more satisfying than a City Council meeting.” No doubt, since you clearly almost fell asleep on one of the most raucous city council meetings all year.

So basically, Wengraf’s adrenaline thrills come from riding in cop cars. Or maybe she’s just channeling her inner Beyonce.

Lesson learned: to get Wengraf to pay attention to the next meeting, taker her on a ride around the block first.

Image source: Bas Van Uyen under Creative Commons

Telegraph detour

Clogger: “So, what’s the occasion for this block-party?”

Block partier: “We’re just partying on our streets. We wanna tell the police and corporations that these are our streets.”

Clogger: “Oh … sweet.”

On Saturday night, Telegraph Avenue — between Dwight and Haste — turned into a blues-guitar playing, bowling pin juggling, hacky-sack kicking block party that was not exactly legal, but fun-filled nevertheless.

Well, fun if you’re the type who likes to rebel against the local government and sit (or lie) in the middle of the street while police “politely” remove your trash barrels and makeshift “Block Party” sign that was written on a yellow rag. And, even more fun if you love read more »

partay!Oh yea!

Today, Aug. 2 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, you gorgeous residents of Berkeley will be able to enjoy a community block party filled with food, arts and crafts, a live DJ and a jumper for the kids (hopefully we can sneak in and do some flips when no one’s looking).

The “Stop the Violence/Increase the Peace Block Party” — taking place a few blocks west of the Berkeley Bowl, on McGee Avenue between Stuart and Oregon Streets — comes only two weeks after the Berkeley Police Department released an alert stating that criminals are now focusing on stealing smartphones (really? Just now?), with the iPhone being the favorite (for once, it’s a good thing we have Droids).

No, but seriously, go check out the party and quit showing off your stupid, sexy iPhone.

Image Source: Kodamakitty under Creative Commons
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3933222164_52788cde26Add biking and walking to angry mobs, trashcan fires and persistent spare change acquirers, on the list of dangers students face on the streets of Berkeley.

Records from the state Office of Traffic Safety show that Berkeley has consistently been one of the least safe—and in some cases the most unsafe—places in California for bicyclists and pedestrians for the last several years. It also happens to be a city with one of the largest populations of bikers and pedestrians.

Last year, 106 pedestrians were injured in collisions in Berkeley and three were fatally wounded; all the fatalities involved pedestrians in crosswalks. Especially vulnerable are children and old people. Berkeley ranked number one for pedestrian deaths for age 65 or above. Yikes. read more »

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

At precisely 10:12 p.m. last night, the Berkeley Police Department heard tell of a little explosion at the corner of Blake and Chilton. Within minutes Lieutenant Diane Delaney, the Berkeley Fire Department’s hazardous materials team, and the BPD’s bomb disposal team (we have a bomb disposal team??) were on the scene.

While the Berkeley squadrons have ruled the mysterious “white streak of powder” left in the explosion’s wake to be nonhazardous, the chemical-makeup of the substance remains under scrutiny.

(Isn’t it common knowledge by now that anything white and mysterious is actually just pineapple flavored candy? C’mon BPD. Treat yourself to a little processed sugar once in a while.)

Regardless, let’s enjoy these aimless days while we can, shall we? Or at the very least, take the time to marvel at (what we imagine to be) a few O-Chem nerds’ ability to manufacture awe. An event to make Don DeLillo proud.

Image Source: Cover Browser under Creative Commons
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This is a police log of an entirely different nature.

Authorities say that Guillermo Robles, 56, was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving after he allegedly hit and killed Betty Jean Kietzman, 82, while she was crossing Solano Ave at about 10:50 p.m. Sunday.

The Berkeley Police Department investigated the crash but called the California Highway Patrol to respond to the scene to avoid favoritism, according to the police.

We don’t know what to do with this. This is serious. We can’t make fun of this kind of stuff.

Officers administered field-sobriety tests, but the results are not available to the public. Robles was booked and later released after posting bail on Monday.

Robles served for 20 years as a patrol officer and an undercover narcotics officer. He retired in 2001.

Kietzman, the victim of the accident, seemed to be a sprightly and independent woman.

It’s certainly an unfortunate event, and it’s certainly no good for the BPD, despite Robles being retired.

Just a few months ago, BPD had some personnel problems involving drunken off-duty firearm discharge. Right now, the department needs some very good PR.

Preferably a charity event that does not involve alcohol consumption.

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