Ever since the famed student activism in the mid-1960s, politics and Berkeley have been inextricably intertwined. When peopleThe Kind of Politics We Love think Berkeley, they think “liberals” – whether they say it with disgust or with pride depends on the tone in which you read this sentence. But like with any part of student life, there are extremes – from those who think that “Mitt Romney” is short for “Mitten” versus those who consider presidential debate parties to be actual “parties.” No matter which end of the political spectrum you’re on, all of us can take a step back and enjoy the unintentional comedy of the two men trying to be our president. If you’re still on the fence about who to vote for, maybe these out-of-context tidbits can clear things up for you.

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Did your last encounter in trying to get tickets to a famous speaker leave a sour taste in your mouth? Has your faith in technology all but faded? Well fear no more, fear no more, as the co-inventor of technology itself* Bill Gates is coming to campus, and it looks like Berkeley’s made a few improvements in how students get tickets. read more »


If you were not one of the lucky few to nab free tickets to the Clinton extravaganza this afternoon, have no fear: the Clog is here to paint you a metaphorical picture of the event. (And yes ladies and gents, he is that charismatic.)

First there were several introductions, (including introductions of the next introducer) and then the 42nd president took the stage. He seemed slightly red in the face but otherwise in the bloom of health as he spoke with an intriguing read more »

You came of age in the ’90s: the Gilded Age of denim-on-denim and dot-com bubbles. You Cabbage Patched your way through grades K-12 with little to no financial qualms. Kids from other countries were OK with being your friend, and you fell asleep every night to sound bites of William J. Clinton’s Arkansani drawl on the 11 o’clock news.

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The seats in Zellerbach Auditorium were probably still damp from the last guy’s performance when Bill Clinton was booked to speak there next Wednesday.

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We may not win football games, but we can sure win prestigious scholarships! Well, at least Cal graduate Asya Passinsky can. She is the first UC Berkeley alumna in five years to win a Rhodes Scholarship–which grants her a few years of free study at Oxford University. If you’re having trouble fathoming the significance of this honor, imagine this: Snagging a Rhodes is like getting an acceptance owl from Hogwarts. Past winners include President Bill Clinton and J.R.R. Tolkien, among other famous people.We’re rooting for Asya to attain as much success as those two gentlemen have–minus the sex scandals and hobbits. As we glance at Inside Bay Area, however, it seems she was already well on her way to success long before the Rhodes.

Passinsky seems no different than her peers. She is a longtime figure skater, freelance arts reviewer and sometimes investigative journalist for a newspaper in Russia.

 Yes, Passinsky is just like us because most of us can do triple axles, watch ballets and write exposes simultaneously. If other Berkeley students are truly this accomplished, if not more–why don’t we garner the prestigious honor more often? Perhaps our students are above the superficiality of so-called “prestige”?Nah.

Before Passinsky, Ankur Luthra in 2002 was the first UC Berkeley student to win the award in 14 years. Hayes said the award has been “somewhat elusive for Berkeley students,” in part because the lack of faculty-student relationships makes gathering the requisite five to eight letters of recommendation difficult.

 Think about how many opportunities we’re missing precisely because we don’t have that special faculty-student ratio–scholarships, grad schools, jobs. Start sucking up, people.In related news, Stanfurd beat us with a whopping three Rhodes Scholars who hail from the Palo Alto campus. The Clog doesn’t want to say it, but maybe it’s a sign.Alumna Off to Oxford as New Rhodes Scholar [Daily Cal]Cal grad chosen as U.S. Rhodes scholar [Bay Insider]The Rhodes Scholarship [Web site]