Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* These people can pay for your entire UC existence in just one year. [SF Chron]

* Even if they also decide to increase your fees by 9.3 percent. [Daily Cal]

* Meanwhile the Daily Cal got off fairly easy with the ASUC Store Operations Board. [Daily Cal]

* But there’s always the $17,000 reward for a tip on last month’s hit-and-run. [SF Chron]

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Earlier: Party Pooper Is Breaking News

For you, YudofShocker (not)! Mark Yudof will replace previous UC president Robert Dynes, who sailed through some rough water a while back. Yudof boasts skillz in mastering public high education systems, including University of Texas and University of Minnesota. Now he’s playing with the big boys.

The Chron reports that

he called UC the “premier public university system in the world” and said, “There’s no better job in higher education in America.”

Aw, shucks. But it’s not all rainbows and kittens, we assure you.

Yudof will inherit a large system facing some financial strain from the state, and it seems the UC Board of Regents will bank on Yudof to pull some money out of his ass. He’s a charmer, so it’s said, and this won’t be his first time trying to fill up a piggy bank. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come from our pockets.

Image Source: Badseed under Creative Commons
Yudof hired as new UC president; base pay set at $591,000 [SF Chron]
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