handler In case you can’t muster up the strength for Bay to Breakers or would rather make questionable decisions in the comfort of your own city, Books Inc is hosting a pretty cool event.

Chelsea Handler will be signing books purchased in-store at the Fourth Street location today at 4:00 pm. “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” is the comedian’s fourth book. The concept seems pretty interesting; the book is seemingly written by Handler’s friends, family and co-workers.

Make sure to get there early, the line for her signing on Tuesday went around the block!

Image Source: Wikimedia under Creative Commons
Chelsea Handler coming to Berkeley on Sunday [Berkeleyside]

2714538989_9532d3e635Given the sad state of current economic affairs, it comes as no surprise that independent bookstores are suffering a tortuous drought at the bottom of the food chain. Remember when we mourned Cody’s Books closure in June 2008? It was certainly not the first instance of a local bookseller losing business to the proliferation of online stores and ubiquitious chains–nor was it by any means the last.

It’s an unfortunate reality that renders last week’s opening of a Books Inc. location in Berkeley (not far, in fact, from Cody’s Books’ previous turf) all the more auspicious. Indeed, the independent chain, which now has 10 stores scattered throughout the Bay and one in southern California, serves as something of a beacon of hope for any and all bookworms who have ever waxed nostalgic on literary days of yore.

In accounting for Books Inc.’s successful tenacity, Hut Landon, the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association’s executive director, explains: read more »