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The “T-shirt Orgy” in the basement of Futura/Bear Basics has always raised our eyebrows.

The name itself can be construed as being offensive. But now a coalition has been built aiming to stop Futura/Bear Basics from selling t-shirts that can be seen as offensive.

This all started when someone spotted a shirt that stated: “Rutgers Nappy Headed Hoes Basketball Team” (pictured above). The student demanded that the store remove the shirt. The shirt was finally removed after the person created a Facebook group and mobilized people to go yell at Futura.

Now the group has begun to try to stop the company that made the shirt in the first place.

What that shirt was referring to was a remark that Don Imus, some supposedly popular radio talk show host, said a couple of weeks ago. He said on the air that the Rutgers women’s basketball team were “nappy-headed hoes.” There was an ensuing outcry and Imus was fired a week later.

But this t-shirt isn’t the only one going down in Futura. There are several more than the group wants off the shelves.

Hearty-har-har. We get it, people of Jewish descent are supposed to be hairy, right?

Yeah, given today’s political debates and the fact that an immigrant’s rights rally turned ugly in Los Angeles today, it’s probably not the best shirt to buy or sell.

That’s just horrible.

Boycott Futura/T-shirt Orgy [Facebook]