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DO NOT WANTThe Bay Area–and Berkeley in particular with its Chez Panisse family–is food Mecca, so why is Panda Express about to move into a new Lower Sproul spot?

Apparently, you wanted this, students. (We do not remember voting for such a beast.) According to a survey from spring 2007, 60 percent of students polled were in favor of greasy chain Chinese fast food. Woo, yeah, go (panda) bears?

ASUC Senator Christina Oatfield recently authored a bill in opposition to Panda Express opening an on-campus location, but that’s a shot in the dark. You see, it’s about the money. About $500,000 of it, steered toward renovating the student union.

So much for Brazil Cafe. That sassy shack certainly couldn’t dish out the type of dough Panda Express is offering. We guess we’ll just have to cry in our bowl of chow mein. Meanwhile, let’s see if the powers-that-be can actually do anything about the Lower Sproul/student union conundrum of doldrums that has plagued the campus for so long.

Image Source: celikins under Creative Commons
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