Loyal readers of the Clog know that we love free things.

So much, in fact that we will go a great deal out of our way to get things for free, even if the trouble spent is in no way worth the money saved. For this reason, we were drawn to an entry on the UC Berkeley events calendar entilted “Free Stuff” like a moth to a flame. read more »

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the used classroom chairs, chalkboards and other campus detritus? Yeah, we haven’t either.

But if you’re looking to refurbish your apartment for cheap and you just can’t get enough of those charming plastic chairs with the attached plywood tables then you may have just discovered a treasure trove.

Cal Overstock and Surplus—located near the intersection of Ashby and San Pablo avenues—not only has sweet finds like $3 office chairs, but also has weekly auctions for things like school buses and hydrotherapy tanks.

So whether you’re going for the “retro classroom” look or just looking for a cheap place to sit, this place may just prove more successful than the Goodwill for all your tacky furniture needs. Plus, this may be your opportunity to finally get your hands on a file cabinet actually used by your own professor.

Image Source: binw.marketing under Creative Commons
Cal Overstock & Surplus [Website

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