Sometimes trying to keep organized at Berkeley makes us feel the way we do when we’re holding our Tully’s and sense a sneeze coming on – helpless! Hopefully these useful apps for the iPhone – all of which are free – will help put a lid on that life of yours. (To download, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store tab, then search by app name.)

NextBus – Tells you the next arriving buses according to your location using GPS technology and includes all AC Transit buses, but also the Lawrence Lab and other loop buses too.

ASUC – An assortment of great campus-related tools for students from the ASUC. We especially love the real-time monitors that display how full places like RSF and the campus libraries are.

UCBearWALK – Request a Bearwalk escort from your phone, or track North/South Night Safety Shuttles in real time.

UC Berkeley Mobile – Created by the university itself, this app features helpful, general course information and library tools for current students. It’s also especially handy for incoming students (or even visiting family) with features like interactive maps, tour information and upcoming events.

Now that you’re stocked up on Berkeley-grade productivity tools read more »

texting!In our desire to avoid midterm preparation at all costs, the Clog decided to waste some time wandering around on the internet — what else is new? After tiring of Hulu and losing to our computer in endless matches of Hearts, we turned to a true classic, albeit an oft-forgotten one, as of late: Texts From Last Night.

Sure, TFLN-browsing is a kind of embarrassing habit to announce to the online world, but hey, we’re willing to bet that you do it, too. So take the judgment that you were so totally directing at us, and focus it upon these people.

Berkeley makes up a pretty sizable portion of the 510 area code, so who knows: This could be your neighbor. (Or you.) read more »


Oftentimes we forget that our phones are capable of things other than playing Angry Birds or receiving countless text messages from our many exceedingly attractive romantic prospects. (Ha.) And while it may take some effort to see beyond that narrow range of cellular activities, it takes true vision to realize that the technology can become something much more: A possibility at greatly improving the quality of life in developing countries.

That was the vision in mind when NextDrop, a winner of UC Berkeley’s 2010 “Big Ideas” Competition, sought to harness the power of mobile phone networks to provide an up-to-the minute alert system for residents of water-strapped nations. Anu Sridharan, a student and member of the Berkeley-based group, explains the situation in many parts of India: read more »

We happily welcome another law that shows our society’s need for common sense. The new measure to forbid drivers from this cell phone use will come into play Jan. 1, 2009. It will be $20 for a first offense and $50 each time after that — chump change, we’re sure, compared to your text messaging bill. read more »

Come Tuesday, you’ll have to think twice before picking up that cell phone in your car. California law will require a hands-free device for all phone calls. Hey, there’s still texting, right?

Also, let your little bro or sis know that they can’t even talk at all if they’re under 18. Taunting is permitted.

Drivers found in violation of the new law will find themselves smacked with a $20 fine ( which is actually more like $76 with all the fees figured in). Our question? Does this apply to cyclists as well and when will they ever start stopping at stop signs and red lights?

Image Source: Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline under Creative Commons
Time to leave your phone alone while driving [SF Chron]