Possessing as we do a bit of a sweet tooth, the Clog headed over to Cinnaholic about a week ago to see what they had to offer. What we found was a large assortment of cinnamon rolls, including special flavors (pumpkin spice, mocha almond and peanut butter & jelly, to name a few) and lots of toppings to choose from if you’d prefer to design your own or just go plain.

The storefront is one of many (see also Saturn Cafe, Ironwood BBQ) that just opened on Oxford Street near Center Street, across from the west edge of campus. Cinnaholic takes up relatively little square footage, as it and Ironwood BBQ share the space once held by Ben & Jerry’s.

We had a chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon roll read more »

*insert somewhat inappropriate moan*Our taste buds just kicked into 1.21 gigawatts worth of overdrive. Brace yourselves for the truly extraordinary: at least TWENTY-FIVE kinds of bonafide vegan cinnamon rolls, slowly but surely coming your way.

Now please, wipe that drool off your quivering chin, because you’ve still got a couple months—till around the beginning of July—before Cinnaholic Sweets rolls into its to-be-determined Berkeley location. In the meantime, whet that appetite (or torture yourself) with the comprehensive list o’ flavors, which features culinary combinations beyond our wildest imaginings.

Seriously. A chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon roll? We’re more than a little excited.

Image Source: TheSeafarer under Creative Commons
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