knuckleThis does not come from a place of bitterness or pettiness but rather as a friend who points out when you have something in your teeth. We realize that in a room full of humans – who have their own unpleasant needs and idiosyncrasies – we need to be patient and tolerant of pretty much everything, but a lot of people do easily avoidable things that they may not realize is actually really annoying.

1.) Cracking your knuckles. When you stretch your fingers, it creates more volume in the capsule holding the synovial fluid surrounding your joint. This decreases pressure and makes the gases dissolved in the fluid become less soluble. A bubble is formed, which when burst, causes the familiar pop. It is also gross and distracting. Crack ‘em up all day outside of class, but can you really not get through an hour and a half without messing with those read more »

The Dreaded Email

This email came out last Monday, without any warning at all. What followed it was an email from the Office of the Registrar, titled “Telebears for Spring 2013???????,” give or take a couple question marks. This multitude of inquisitive punctuations mirrored the look on our faces: TELE-BEARS ALREADY?! We’ve only been in our current classes for a little over a month, and we have to start thinking about our NEXT semester of classes? Plus deal with the wrath of the telebear? As Berkeley students, we all know the feeling. We have to figure out which classes to take in the first place, refine that list, organize them so that there are no conflicts and nap-time can be fit in, and then do it all again when Tele-BEARS shreds that first plan in an office-grade shredder.

With less than two weeks before Phase I descends upon us, here are some tips to make the best of schedule-planning season:

Talk to your major/college advisor – So we can probably all agree that we are independent students who can handle our own responsibilities! Many extend this to their schedule-building. But so few know that major advisors are such a great and underutilized resource! They know your major best — it’s their job — and can thus show you what classes you need to take, when you need to take them by, degree options that you may not be aware of and, we know this has probably killed a lot of you, which classes are during available in certain semesters. They are here to help you! And they’re hella nice people to boot. Find yours here.

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Tele-BEARS. Most of you should have shuddered at the thought of it unless you’re a chemical engineering major new to Berkeley.

Fall semester is still far from over, but Tele-BEARS demands that you sacrifice your babies now in order to determine your spring semester classes. Okay, maybe not your babies, but it’s still really annoying.

So here are some tips from the Clog to make your sacrifice a bit less painful. read more »

And by “on the cheap,” we mean for totally free. US News’ Professors’ Guide Rocket Science rip Woodstock divx Crocodile Dundee II video just posted some tips on how to take classes from top universities (ours included, nah-turally … ) via the interwebs. A couple of high rollin’ philanthropic foundations partnered with the OpenCourseWare Consortium to put course materials online, accessible to anyone with the cojones to undertake something requiring this much self-discipline. read more »

Earlier this week, mental_floss highlighted the most unique, most interesting college classes in the country. UC Berkeley’s “Simpsons” DeCal clocked in at No. 2. Woohoo.

We think, though, that the site missed a few good ones from our crazy campus. Plus, a DeCal doesn’t really count, does it?  Instead, we thought of some awesome classes we took or heard lots about. Add your own submissions in the comments section.

Seriously, These Are Real Classes?
* Drugs and the Brain
* What’s so great about “The Wire”?
* A Film Studies class on pornography

DeCals (But They Don’t Really Count)
* Female Sexuality
* Batman
* Sacha Baron Cohen
* James Bond

Image Source: Joits under Creative Commons
12 College Classes We Wish Our Schools Had Offered
[Mental Floss]

Wow, already? The spring 2009 schedule of classes is up (thanks, LiveJournal). Of course, being so early in the game, there’s not much info besides the class title and professor. Nevertheless, it’s never too early to start your scheming.

On Oct. 6, you’ll find out your Phase I allotted time on Tele-BEARS (didn’t we just drop our last class?). Phase I will start Oct. 20, with Phase II following up on Nov. 12. Scary, ain’t it?

Image Source: fuzheado under Creative Commons
Spring 2009 [Online Schedule of Classes]
via UCB LJ