greenFor you avid Clog readers (if such people exist), you know that free stuff has a very special place in our collective heart. And if there’s anything we’ve learned here at Berkeley, it’s that free stuff abounds in the college world.

We abide by the three f’s: fairs, festivals and any event with the word “free” in the description. That’s why the annual Play Green Festival represents something akin to a religious holiday to us. Not only is it the Mecca of free-ness, it presents the opportunity to simultaneously feel good about oneself while engaging in a completely selfish activity.

Energy bars overwhelmed the Cliff table in more varieties than we could even stuff in our mouth before feeling guilty. Ben and Jerry’s was passing out ice cream in bulk to hoarding students who didn’t seem to realize they only had 20 minutes ’till it all melted. There were more kinds of granola and pita than we knew what to do with, homemade butter making and more samples than we could fit in our already oversized bag. read more »