If you’ve never experienced the joy of a Taschen book, now Pegasus Books

The Shadow Walkers dvdrip

is giving you the chance. The bookstore will continue its 50-75 percent off Taschen sale until May 5.

The “luscious” Taschen books make for great coffee table decor, though that doesn’t mean that they’re not informative (they are! and pretty!). They tend to cover topics like art, film, architecture, history, film, photography, pop culture and fashion–just to name a few.

Here’s hoping that the store has “The Big Penis Book” in stock!

Where: Boogeyman 3 rip Pegasus Books at Shattuck and Durant avenues
When: until May 5
Cost: cheaper than normal

Image Source: RT/Smokes Superman: Doomsday release under Creative Commons
Pegasus Fine Books [Website]
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