031If there had to be a communist store somewhere, it would be right here in Berkeley. Revolution Books, (located next to Cheese ‘n’ Stuff) tries to fight the injustices of the world via communism.  ”This is something that can help people understand what the system’s all about. One of the ways we try to form a movement for revolution is through our newspaper,” says employee Gina. The newspaper (pictured) addresses issues such as prison reform, marijuana laws and police brutality. read more »

100761143_226e540b49Oh, ’tis a beautiful bubble of surreality in which we live, this quaint little locus for conservative derision. How sweet the instance in which we inspire actual fear; what better means to disseminate the seeds of anarchic malcontent than through the tender minds of our children?

Truly this is the terror gripping the moral majority by the seat of their pants in the wake of a most scandalous exposition: children thinking for themselves! Eighth grade students at our very own Black Pine Circle School have forever left their mark in the form of mosaic tiles depicting, among other deeply horrifying subjects, the Communist hammer and sickle and an epitaph declaring, “Capitalism will fail.”

Lord have mercy. And by that we mean rock on. Fox News, naturally, kind of lost its sh*t and went off about “blatant proof of political indoctrination of young children”–because of course no forward-thinking thirteen year old could possibly be attracted to liberal ideals of their own volition. Brainwashing abounds in Berkeley, friends; it’s a sorry state indeed.

Image Source: oddsock under Creative Commons
‘Capitalism Will Fail,’ Marijuana Leaf Part of California School Mosaic [FoxNews]

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

Unfortunately, the title isn’t a reference to illegal, bootlegged copies of Chinese porn or anything like that. Instead, the Communist government notorious for Platonically enlightening its citizens by denying them access to terrabytes of information decided to give in to criticism and allow journalists access they didn’t have before. That’s more than we can say for our wireless connection, which annoyingly loves to cut out every 15 minutes or so. read more »