beware of book

Us: Is it that time of year already?

You: Uhhh … ?

Us: Wait, you’ve never heard of the Berkeley Public Library’s annual Banned Bookmobile?

End Scene.

We’re guessing that with the bazillion of libraries our beloved Berkeley has right on campus, not too many student-folk frequent the Berkeley Public Library. And that’s a shame because, unbeknownst to many, the BPL offers tons of cool shiznit, like tie-died library cards and, oh yeah, a banned book-themed mobile.

We spied Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and a book that arguably defines not only our childhood, but our teenage-hood and impending adulthood as well. Yes, we are talking about “Harry Potter.”  The first installment of that beloved series dangles gracefully along with a few other controversial titles — artfully tied up in red tape, of course.

The mobile will be on display through Oct. 26, in the entrance lobby, so take your studies off campus and check it out.

Image Source: florian b. under Creative Commons
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