NO TOUCHING ... er, CUSSING! Protesters planning to march forth on March fourth might do well to start practicing their chants minus the explicit content. ( “Dang the man” and “Fiddlestick the po-lice,” anyone?) Not because being articulate and generally refraining from obscenity of their own accord will make them more credible, but because this week has been officially designated “Cuss Free Week” in California.

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino got his inspiration for the bill from some probably self-righteous little whippersnapper from Pasadena who started a “No Cussing Club” at his junior high school, and the idea has really taken off among the considerably older folks in the Assembly.

But fear not! Unlike that one time the ASUC debated a “Go Bears” resolution for-freaking-ever, this ostensible total waste of time might actually have some (incredibly minor) tangible effects. Every legislative office in the capitol will have a swear jar of sorts, where legislators can self-censor with donations to the charity of their choice. More like “Cuss Expensively Week!” Are we right, guys? … Guys?

Image Source: Tuaussi under Creative Commons
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