Spotted: an intense street chalk mural on the corner of Shattuck and Center of a dinosaur running through we have no idea what. The mural also included: read more »

dinoYour childhood (or adult) dream of living among the dinosaurs may finally be realized (sort of). From May 28 all the way to Jan. 1, UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science is host to “Dinosaurs Unearthed,” an exhibit filled with moving, roaring, virtually living dinosaurs.

The exhibit has been updated to feature more recent findings: like giant and terrifying haute couture models, they sport both feathers and fur. The dinosaurs also have sensor-activated sounds which aim to accurately reflect what each dino would have sounded like. Some sound like cats, some like birds, and some like the typical dino straight out of “Jurassic Park.”

The exhibition also features a fossil-dig site and real fossils and for the kids, a dinosaur dig site and and a nest which you can actually climb in (which we — as rational, mature adults — would of course never do).

Image Source: InfoMofo under Creative Commons
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2012 (the movie but also the year) is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the first of the doomsday predictions: It’s possible that one-third of all named dinosaur species never existed. Okay, so it’s a retroactive prophecy (and also a “wild guess”), but still kinda spooky.

UC Berkeley paleontologists, with all their badass technology and intelligence, recently published a paper that retroactively “wiped out two species of dome-headed dinosaur.” read more »