bat tongueHave you ever seen the crazy long tongues on bats and wondered what it would be like to get a blow job from them? Haha, yeah, … neither have we.

But male bats know. Just like with us homo sapiens (at least in porn), it’s common courtesy to go down, or up, as it may be with bats (how would that work hanging upside down?) before having sex, according to a new study in the journal PLoS ONE.

But unlike with us, it’s not all about pleasure. Oral sex in fruit bats may increase the chances of fertilization, kill bacteria on the penis or protect both parties from sexually transmitted diseases. We bet last last one would get a lot more girls to give head if it was true of humans as well.

It also helps the male last longer: “A positive relationship exists between the length of time that the female licked the male’s penis during copulation and the duration of copulation.”

Here’s the part where we try to work this into a Halloween theme. So this information is pretty creepy right? And we talked about bats. Well, we tried.

Image Source: Kyle Kesselring under Creative Commons
NSFW Science: Fruit Bat Fellatio [BoingBoing]
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