Since you can’t turn your head without hearing the words “budget crisis,” we’ll assume you’ve heard about the cuts in funding to various departments on campus. Since the problems began, some faculty even raised the question of cutting back funding for athletics. And this Thursday, the faculty voted to “urge the school to stop subsidizing its money-losing athletics department as soon as it legally can.”

Now take heed—this doesn’t mean that the football team is going be thrown unceremoniously from the gravy train. The legal part makes everything much more difficult. The Chancellor himself noted that contracts don’t expire for a few more years, so the university will “continue to help the read more »


Research universities may sound boring, but you never know exactly what those crazy guys will be up to. Perhaps they will be teaching Argentinian ants to hate each other, for example.

That’s right, you heard correctly. Researchers from UC Berkeley have just figured out that certain chemical cues will cause normally friendly ants to turn on each other. They isolated the chemicals that promote fighting behavior and the ants attacked. “‘The enemy chemicals read more »