nabolom bandWe discovered something magical in Berkeley today, something we suspect few students know about: The perfect Saturday-morning hangover cure. Absolutely, exquisitely, unbelievably perfect.

Every Saturday from 10 to 1, the folk band Friends of Old Puppy plays at Nabolom Bakery. The healing, restorative part of it? Well, picture this: Some home-brewed chai or a fat, green mug of latte steaming in your cupped hands, a freshly baked almond croissant or cheese roll resting on the table before you (a product of the worker-owned collective you are supporting), a near-tangible calm and wisdom radiating from the heads of wispy, graying hair all about you (they were not out late last night, they were not steeling themselves against a week of studies and late nights and awkward social encounters with shots of Popov, read more »