lawrence hall of scienceAt the Lawrence Hall of Science, it’s an exhibit completely unrelated to particle acceleration called “Race: Are We So Different?” Sounds fun. Interactive things to put it all in perspective —matching voices with races, scanning your skin to see how its color really compares. The relationship to science seems marginal, but what is science, really? Where particle accelerators aren’t involved, it all gets hazy.

In any case, it just opened and will stick around through May 2. Geek out this Wednesday for a tour of the exhibit and a talk with Ethnic Studies lecturer Victoria Robinson and the authors of a book called “Blended Nation.”

Image Source: C G-K under Creative Commons.
Lawrence Hall of Science [site]

fungiIt’s official: the Lawrence Hall of Science has become a cool place for students to hang out. They hosted an Out-of-This-World Halloween Party (that’s what it was called, not our synopsis), they have their weekly Geek Out nights (where you can pay $10 to hang out with fellow geeks and talk about SETI or design your own Mars space station) and this weekend they have their 40th annual Fungus Fair.

What does a person do at a Fungus Fair? The answer appears to be anything and everything you can think to do with a mushroom: finding, growing, viewing, eating, cooking, wearing, dyeing and even treating diseases. And yes, all the mushrooms are legal, we checked for you. read more »


Let’s abandon all the stereotypical geek images here, because we are Berkeley, and if we can’t be proud of our geeks, there’s nothing in the world left fighting for.

That said, all you Poindexters out there might want to break out your shiny fanny packs, because the Lawrence Hall of Science has a new series of events this fall known as GEEK OUT! The one last Wednesday night, for example, had guests building their very own base stations on Mars.

Geektastic, no? We at the Clog think these events are a great idea (especially since read more »