horse racing

Berkeley ain’t no Atlantic City, but if you’re aching to gamble, horse racing is your next best bet (pun completely intended). Luckily, we have a race track close by in the form of Golden Gate Fields.

The horses come back to please on Friday, August 17, and will end the summer session in September. read more »

dog walking

We can’t help but smirk smile with disbelief delight as we report to you your third opportunity this year (so far!) to bring your canine companion to Golden Gate Fields in Albany for only a small fee. Well, we suppose that $25 (in advance) or $30 (at the door) is nothing to bark at these days. However, it is … for a cause. The Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society wants you to remember that homelessness of the human variety is not the only sort our fair city has to contend with. Combat homeless dogginess and have some fun! Here’s what you’re in for:

The 12th annual Bay to Barkers Walk and Festival read more »


And they’re back! After what we can only assume was a sucessful first time out and an adorable video, the Dachshund Derby (or should we say, The Wiener Nationals) will return for more tomorrow at Golden Gate Fields. read more »


“Wiener” puns abounded at Golden Gate Fields in West Berkeley this afternoon, where enthusiasts of adorable animals engaging in comically inappropriate activities gathered for the Bay Area’s first ever Dachshund Derby.  Dozens of dachshunds participated in a series of races.  We would report the wiener winners, but we’re pretty sure people were read more »

It’s certainly been an interesting few weeks where animal rights are concerned. With a handful of protesters still on trial after exercising their right to, um, creative expression, Bay Area activists of a rather different breed seized the opportunity last Saturday to make a statement of their own.

“Humans first” advocates gathered outside Golden Gate Fields in a rally that witnessed what was perhaps one of the most read more »