In other vandalism news, the Berkeley anti-graffiti vigilante Jim Sharp, aka “The Silver Buff”, is still tagging strong, soon to debut in a vanity project entitled “Vigilante Vigilante.” The documentary, scheduled for a late 2010 release, hopes to “delve headfirst into the debate over illegal public expression.”

Sharp’s relentless YouTube documentarian, username Vigilantefilm, remains convinced that his meticulous removal of Berkeley’s “visual noise,” i.e. tearing down of posters and smearing local tags with large, mysterious silver voids, makes him “the most prolific graffiti vandal [Berkeley] has ever seen.”

So keep your eyes peeled for that silver paint, ladies. You never know when and where “The Silver Buff” will strike next.

Vigilante Vigilante – The People Who Buff Graffiti [YouTube]
The Silver Buff Anti-Graffiti Vigilante in Berkeley [SFist]

You are NOT Banksy, damn it!

You know what’s stupid? Stupid graffiti.

This weekend, some stupid people graffiti’d up several campus buildings with stupid things like “mumbia” (what the hell does that even mean?!) Today, as a result, crews of maintenance staff have had to spend a shit-ton of paid time cleaning up. Guess how much the campus spends annually on graffiti clean-up: read more »