sick picNo, a common cold doesn’t kill nowadays, but it does take a lot of energy out of you. Especially with midterms kicking into gear, getting sick is one of the last things students want to deal with.

The common cold is caused by a virus, so don’t buy medications just yet! Most medications treat the symptoms of a cold and don’t kill the virus directly. The symptoms come from the bacteria that take advantage of your weakened immune system (thanks to the virus). Too much medication means the bacteria will eventually gain immunity to them, and symptoms get more difficult to get rid of. Rather, let your immune system do what it was designed to do: OBLITERATE get rid of the virus itself.

But what of the symptoms? No medicine = miserable and tired college student? Fret not, the Clog has some methods (almost) guaranteed to soothe. read more »

Say hello to your mother for me. Ba-a-ad news, guys. This adorable Alpine milking goat, Honey, who calls Little Farm in Tilden Park home, has been kidnapped. Yes, that’s what we said: kidnapped. (Sorry– just wanted to make sure you got that.)

Honey has been missing from her pen since early January and the locals are reportedly pissed. So pissed, in fact, that one of them has donated half of the $1,000 reward for information leading to her successful return. The police have pursued a number of possible leads, including a search of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity “due to its previous association with goat theft from the park,” (snicker) but to no avail.

We can only hope that the douche nozzle(s) behind this nonsense are brought to justice soon and that Honey gets back, safe and sound.

P.S. This post goes out to Clogger Valerie Woolard who’s abroad in Bordeaux, France. You can read about her adventures on the Daily Cal’s travel blog. (HI VALERIE!)

Image Source: David Zuckermann, Courtesy
Beloved Goat Missing from Tilden Regional Park [Daily Cal]