Not satisfied with just hearing the hyena giggles that echo from the Berkeley hills (because there are apparently a bunch of hyenas just chillin’ up there — no big deal)? Want to know more? Then watch this video! You’ll learn things about language development. Which is obviously the most pressing reason to watch a video that features weirdly cute animals giggling and diving adorably into random vats of water.

Hyena’s giggles provide insight into language development [YouTube]
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We all know hyenas are super cool. That’s well established–just look at Bonzai, Shenzi, and Ed. They’re the wisecracking, ironic badasses of the animal kingdom (fittingly, the same role that bloggers fill in the human kingdom). But did you know that their giggles vary according to social status? You didn’t. Well, lucky for you, UC Berkeley researchers just published a report detailing that very fact.

According to the article, dominant hyenas have a “steady, confident-sounding giggle” while “subordinate ones read more »