Given that it’s Earth Week, we thought it appropriate to share this — a tool to determine just how badly you’re screwing up the environment.

According to UC Berkeley researchers, cutting down on individual emissions requires more work for some than others. And here we’ve been thinking all we had to do was follow the directives mingled with the credits at the end of “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Al Gore, you have only led us astray.

Image Source: dekade under Creative Commons
CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator [site]
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Whether or not you count yourself among Al Gore’s many zealous fans, you may have at some point experienced an instant of staggering skepticism in regards to storing carbon. Perhaps you were casually perusing the produce aisles at your local supermarket, wondering in an absent kind of way whether zucchini casserole truly tickled your fancy, when suddenly it struck you: We’re doing what? Stuffing carbon dioxide underground?

It certainly stinks of avoidance when it comes to the problem of global warming. But if the researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have their way, they’ll be able to ascertain if carbon sequestration is indeed just full of hot air. Instead of read more »