que spicy!Dancing. We know you love it (admit it already).  So rather than busting a move behind closed doors and in front of your bathroom mirror, we suggest that you show off your mad skills at the I-House Salsa Social Dance Class that’s happening tomorrow night (Aug. 1 from 8 to 10 p.m.).

Si, amigos, learn the art of Salsa with teacher Tara Acevedo and her co-instructor Jason Ling. They’ll be there to guide you through all the shimmies, shakes and fancy footwork needed to get your groove on.

Everyone’s welcome — don’t worry if you’re an amateur or, god forbid, sans partner — just show up to the I-House (with $10, unless you’re an I-House resident, member or alumnus) and those smooth Latin beats will make all your doubts disappear.

Image Source: dark_mephi under Creative Commons
Salsa Social Dance Class [UC Berkeley Events]

It's cooool, homeslice.

So there we were, right? Just minding our own business, scrollin’ through the ol’ UC Berkeley Events Calendar when we stumbled across this gem of a seminar. Apparently some dudes with P.h.D.s (one of whom got his from Stanford) are coming to International House next Friday, Sept. 25 to give a seminar called “The Science of a Meaningful Life: Forgiveness and Gratitude.

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Recall that token elementary school classmate whose innumerable allergies pose a heartbreaking limitation on birthday celebrations. Apparently, in the world of dormitory dining, the “if you’re going to bring cupcakes, you have to bring enough for the whole class” and its natural corollary, “if one kid is allergic to cupcakes, you must provide an alternative for him” still stand. International House allegedly broke this sacred understanding, and they’re opting to settle the issue in superior court. We guess this is how big boys handle proverbial cupcake provision violations. read more »