jamba juice

The Clog dares you to go up to the Jamba Juice on Bancroft and Telegraph and order a “Dirty Orgasm” with a straight face. Either the cashier will knowingly understand and unflinchingly ring up your order, or just give you a confused face due to his or her lack of secret menu knowledge. Yep, after all the hype over C.R.E.A.M.’s secret menu, we thought we would remind and share with you some of Jamba Juice’s infamous secret goodies. Enjoy: read more »

Alternatively, we could have titled this post “What’s This? More bSpace Features?” Indeed, Clog readers, the campus may impose a $13-$16 fee (for grads and undergrads, respectively) related to bSpace. According to a not-so-subtle description on the main bSpace page, no student fees are used to support bSpace currently.

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The bad economy strikes again! Did you hear about the 600 “underperforming” U.S. Starbucks Coffee stores that are set to close sometime in the near future? Well, one of them is the Shattuck Avenue and Cedar Street branch, which isn’t really a big deal for students whose life depends on caramel macchiatos. The perpetually caffeinated student will still have the Starbucks at Oxford and Center Streets, thank goodness. Berkeley Hills yuppies and their ubiquitous three-wheeled strollers, however, must travel a little farther for their cup of corporate java.

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Mark your calendars: Jamba Juice will serve free “breakfast” on Apr. 8, or so says a Facebook event we happened upon. (Jamba Juice site has no mention of any event.) The event runs from 6 a.m. to roughly 10 a.m., and the smoothiers will specifically promote the new breakfast line, as described below.

Juice Blends
* Orange Carrot Banana
* Orange Mango Passion

Yogurt Blends
* Sunrise Strawberry: your typical strawberry and bananas (how is this different from the usual standard?)
* Bright-eyed and Blueberry: strawberries and blueberries

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