beetleWhether or not you think ASUC president-elect Noah Stern deserves to be disqualified, there’s no denying that Sterngate is kind of a big deal. Why else would ASUC expert/blogger of many years Justin Azadivar (aka Beetle of Beetle Beat) break a nearly year-long silence to weigh in on the matter? Exactly!

And just what profound insight did this (allegedly former) ASUC nitpicker extraordinaire have to impart onto readers of the Daily Cal, today?

“The Judicial Council will not want to disqualify anyone,” he said. “It’s a pain in the ass for them and the ASUC as a whole.”

Sigh. Yeah, probably.

Beetle Beat [website]
Many Steps Required to Determine Stern’s Fate [Daily Cal]

Today Berkeley blogger Beetle wrote his last post, in which he explained his motivations behind blogging Berkeley:

1. The reason I harp on the Daily Cal so much is not because I have some kind of animosity towards the newspaper. On the contrary, I want to see the Daily Cal actually do that thing we often refer to “journalism.”

2. (On ASUC): An organization which demands hundreds of dollars from each student but asks that those students not actually follow what it does with that money was practically begging for someone to take my role.

(The numbers are our emphasis.)

We may not have agreed with Beetle with many of his opinions, but we believe that he served an important role keeping a check on the paper and the student government … something that has not been filled by OTR, the Clog or any other blog.

Therefore, this pimp cup is for Beetle, and we’re pouring one out for you, homie.

Best Post Ever [Beetle Beat]