Our school needs more residence halls. The Long-Range Development Plan points out the need for housing for 1,600 more students. Part of that need is currently being taken care of as the charming plot of land facing People’s Park east of Telegraph between Haste and Channing is on its way to holding UC Berkeley’s new residence hall.

Sadly, Berkeley has one of the most expensive residence housing prices in the country ranging from about $15,714 a year for a single in dorms like Stern or Unit 1 or 3 and up to $17,000 a year for Clark Kerr.

The new building will have 424 beds in a 4 to 6 story complex. It is set to open in 2012 when it will hold 160 sophomores and 224 upper level classmen — for those upper level students still willing to pay that kind of money for housing.

A university report announced:

“The residential units are located around courtyards which provide usable outdoor areas for social gatherings or quiet study and which provide for outdoor views, maximum natural ventilation, thermal mass and daylight. One of the courtyards is designed around a Queensland Kauri‐Pine, which is identified as a rare specimen tree for the Bay Area.”

We’re not too into university residence halls but that Kauri-Pine does sound pretty cool…

Image Source: litlnemo under Creative Commons
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