Nosaj ThingWell, a fairly popular artist who goes by the moniker “Nosaj Thing” performed on Lower Sproul last Friday. Truth be told, we only learned of his existence on Thursday afternoon, but upon learning that he’s an “ambient DJ who makes his own cool light shows,” we were reasonably intrigued.

Nosaj Thing was supposed to go on at 10 p.m. but when we got there, some tiny girl with a pixie cut was warming up the stereo system. There were only about six people there, and all of them were showing off their awkward and bizarre repertoire of rhythmical dance moves. However, a pitcher of beer at the Bear’s Lair later, the crowd had grown considerably, and ambient music had already started to emanate from the standing speakers. Nosaj Thing was about to go on. read more »

partay!Oh yea!

Today, Aug. 2 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, you gorgeous residents of Berkeley will be able to enjoy a community block party filled with food, arts and crafts, a live DJ and a jumper for the kids (hopefully we can sneak in and do some flips when no one’s looking).

The “Stop the Violence/Increase the Peace Block Party” — taking place a few blocks west of the Berkeley Bowl, on McGee Avenue between Stuart and Oregon Streets — comes only two weeks after the Berkeley Police Department released an alert stating that criminals are now focusing on stealing smartphones (really? Just now?), with the iPhone being the favorite (for once, it’s a good thing we have Droids).

No, but seriously, go check out the party and quit showing off your stupid, sexy iPhone.

Image Source: Kodamakitty under Creative Commons
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