Out of those who care, there probably are not many who aren’t at least familiar with what happened on Saturday for the first football game of the season against Michigan State, especially with respect to the quarterback question. Now it seems that question has been answered definitively, though we can’t say we agree with the classless booing of any Cal athlete.

In any case, it doesn’t change Longshore’s two interceptions or Riley’s two touchdown passes. But while the fans have decided, Tedford himself said he’d wait until later this week before giving the official answer to “quarterback indecision 2008.”

Image Source: Nathan Yan, Daily Cal
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Tedford announced the starting quarterback for Cal’s first football game of the season (Aug. 30!) against Michigan State, and it ain’t Longshore.

Tedford didn’t explain why he chose Riley instead, though. Could it be tied to Nate’s preseason happiness and possible (read: speculative) secret weapon? Is it all an elaborate plot? Conspiracy?! Conspiracu!

And besides, Tedford said Longshore will get to play against Michigan State, he just doesn’t know “exactly when.” So expect a lot of variability come next Saturday, and if all goes well, maybe another winning season.

Image Source: The Daily Californian
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