lovefestIt’s a parade! It’s America’s biggest dance music event! It’s LoveFest! Or rather, was. Due to an unfortunate trademark dispute by “The Love Festival” in LA, the hot mess that is LoveFest has had to evolve.

LoveEvolution, as it is now so cleverly called, is the same ol’ fest, only now it’ll cost you 10 bucks to get in. Apparenty money can buy you love.

Love Week starts Wednesday, Sept. 30th with nightly parties and culminates in the parade down Market and music/dance/costume/drug/love extravaganza at Civic Center on Saturday, Oct. 3.

And P.S. : leave the booze at home, lovers. Security’s gonna be tight this year.

Image Source: catbagan under Creative Commons
San Francisco LoveEvolution [Site]

To show how devoted we are to the Clog, we skipped our own Homecoming game so we could post about LoveFest, to you, our devoted readers (yep, that’s the only reason). Awaking to gray skies and thunder, we started having second thoughts about getting down in the rain, but by the time we got to San Francisco, the sun was shining about as brightly as San Francisco sun can manage. It seemed that nothing, not even the rain, could halt the unstoppable force that was LoveFest. Maybe love really does conquer all, or at least it clears skies and makes babies.

As promised, LoveFest was a rave-esque techno beat-blasting explosion of tutus, spandex, fairy wings and birthday suits. And all of this was just a preface to what many consider the real event: the afterparties. We were a little busy dancing, but we managed to take a few photos. read more »

Naked people! Drugs! Sex! People in completely outrageous getups! Okay, so it’s San Francisco, and this isn’t anything new, but SF’s annual LoveFest, the largest single-day electronic dance music event in America offers more nakedness, more people on drugs and uh, more outrageous costumes than usual. It’s like the city of San Francisco on acid. Actually, it really is the city of San Francisco … on acid. read more »