For those of you who have taken the trek down to the RSF before, you might be wondering whether there are any swimming pools amidst the myriad of basketball courts and cardio machines. Not only is there a pretty big pool to gawk at, but the people using it are quite impressive themselves. With the recent successful recruitment of megastar Missy Franklin toHow Missy Franklin Affects You Berkeley, our Olympic-sized pool now serves someone who’s already been in and out of a lot of them.

This – obviously – makes our swim team indisputably better, but how does it change the way you live your life?

For all you ladies who inconspicuously stared at Nathan Adrian flipping his hair for the last few years, your time is up. Now it’s the guys’ turn – you can marvel at Franklin…’s five Olympic medals. The girl is a year younger than the current freshman class, and she’s already a bigger global icon than some of us could ever hope to be. She’s bringing just four gold pieces to the university… just four! That is, if you’re ignoring the single bronze and the seven other medals that have been put around her neck at the World Championships.

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One last glorious picture of Nathan Adrian

One last glorious picture of Nathan Adrian

The Clog nearly had a heart attack at three separate moments during the U.S. Women’s Soccer semifinal match against Canada. Thankfully, Cal Bear Alex Morgan swooped in and saved the day in the 123rd minute, scoring the winning goal and lowering our blood pressure back to normal.

That moment was just one of many where former and current Bears dominated their respective sports. These past Olympics were extraordinarily successful for Cal — here’s a brief recap: read more »

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Now that former Cal Bear Nathan Adrian has won his first individual Olympic gold medal in the 100m free, everyone is fawning over the adorable new poster boy of U.S. Swimming. The Clog would like to say, for the record, that we liked Adrian before it was cool. Guess that makes us hipster.

This here article by buzzfeed gives a wonderful tribute to the man. NBC should do one of these — we certainly wouldn’t mind.

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The Clog loves USA Swimming and wonderful renditions of “Call Me Maybe.”  Combine the two together, and you get a Caitlin Leverenz-produced, Natalie Coughlin-choreographed and Nathan Adrian-starring cute-ass video. So this is what happens when Calympians taper. Call them, maybe?

nathan adrian

Nathan Adrian, Cal Bear and Olympic gold medalist, is headed to London this summer for (hopefully) another few medals. We recently found him gracing the cover of Muscle and Body magazine, smiling like a big doofus and looking adorable as hell. Hot damn. This is why the Clog loves Olympics season.

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