Last time Facebook changed things up, there was major hate. You know, that whole newsfeed drama? Then the hoopla died down and we went back to being happy stalkers.

For 2007, Facebook’s adding more, changing the interface a little and making it easier to see what’s happening in your own network. Houston, we have pictures. (Click the one to the right for the total experience.)

Facebook has created a group called “Facebook Sneak Preview” to show off its goodies and to get visitor feedback. The admins added five pictures of the new look and are looking for comments on the proposed changes.

So what exactly should we expect in the near future?
* A new message inbox, de-cluttered an streamlined
* Shorter personal mini-feeds, incorporated right below a person’s basic info
* A different layout for the menu page, with changes to the left bar and top bar links
* A generic page for each network featuring goings-on and statistics

The group does not mention when Facebook will implement the changes, but it seems the changes are in their final tweaking stage. We’re really excited about the network page–stalking will never be easier.

If you have other feedback for Facebook, send your comments through Customer Support. Let them know it’s time to bring sexyback.

Facebook Sneak Preview [Facebook Group]