Now that midterms are over and spring break has sprung (and perhaps something in your pants too), you’re looking to kick back. Last weekend we gave you three smokin’ bachelors. It’s time to up the ante.

You may want to change your spring break plans once you see our line-up of the best of Craigslist’s casual encounters. This weekend Berkeley’s hosting an orgy of abs, threesomes and burgers. Pictures included.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sexual appetite, BurgerBoy’s got your back. He wants to tap it “from behind (either hole of preference)” and stuff you silly. He’s going “to slide a burger or something underneath you and have you eat it while being pounded from behind.” It gives a whole new meaning to quarter pounder.

Then there are those who don’t quite understand the purpose of the casual encounters section. It’s for boning, mmkay? One Berkeley student (who’s surprisingly “NOT an engineer or MCB thing”) has the room to himself tonight. He doesn’t want to get too frisky:

Not thinking sex though!!! Maybe moooooooooovie and sillyness?

And his picture?

What the fuck is that?It’s just not sexy enough. Or at all. But this next classy couple (yes, we said couple) gets our motors a-runnin’. They seem smart, sexy, and confident. Just check out these great tits:

It gets hotter. (And more desperate.) Don’t believe us? Try Mr. Washboard, who allegedly hasn’t “cum in about 2 weeks.” He also posted at least three times this week–here are the second and third posts. No one’s taking him up on his offer, but we can’t see why not.

Interested? This guy has the full package (we hope). He’s been busy

trying out new health products (herbs, vitamins, supplements.. all natural) that apparently increase circulation to the testicles, resulting in higher yields of semen, thicker cum, more potent.

Plus he’s “been drinking plenty of pineapple juice.” So if you like (ahem) “piña colada” and getting caught in the “rain,” write to him and escape.

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