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And just when we thought cultivating MJ would be a lucrative business … Berkeley resident Huy Trinh is sentenced to 15 years in prison for being the Chief Executive Grower of two East Bay locations. read more »

105365-04.22.bates.RITCHIE-01Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates may have 72 years under his belt, but don’t let that fool you—the man has not forgotten how to throw his weight around.

Things apparently got kinda physical at an advisory meeting in the David Brower Center last Thursday, when a protester interrupted discussions surrounding PG&E’s Proposition 16 to call out the company on lies, monopoly and the like.

When the protester, one Mark Toney (Executive Director of The Utility Reform Network), refused to stand down, Mayor Tom reportedly took matters into his own hands—literally—and shoved the guy from the lectern. The meeting progressed without incident thereafter.

That’s diplomacy for ya. The moral of this crazy tale? Read up on Prop. 16. Or, stay on Mr. Bates’ good side. Either one.

Image Source: Alexander Ritchie, Daily Cal
Mayor Bates Shoves Protester During PG&E Prop 16 Advisory Meeting [Fog City Journal]

The newly-opened Berkeley Bowl West, sister of the original produce mecca, just celebrated its three month anniversary by getting a fatty rebate check from PG&E for $167,029. We wonder how they decided on the 29 dollars.

Its rebate-receiving ceremony took place Friday, Sept. 3, and was attended by PG&E reps, Sun Light & Power President Gary Gerber and our beloved mayor, Tom Bates. According to In Berkeley, Thursday morning’s little blackout took place in preparation for the ceremony “to remind citizens of just how important electricity is to our daily lives.” Somehow we doubt the city would shut down the Asian Ghetto and Yogurt Park in honor of the Bowl, no offense.

The 636 solar panels placed atop of the new Berkeley Bowl are expected to produce 149,633 kilowatts of electricity per year. As if we needed another reason to frequent the beloved Bowl.

Image Source: JasonUnbound under Creative Commons
Berkeley Bowl West, Solar Power, and a Huge Rebate Check [triplepundit]