Nearly everyone knows that Berkeley is a melting pot of people. Different cultures, religions, talents and mindsets come together to call Cal their home for (hopefully) four years.

Berkeley has something special though. There’s tolerance and then there’s something more. The fact a particular bake sale happened without any violence in consequence — that’s respect. Call it what you may, but a civilized sharing of opinions doesn’t happen just anywhere.

A prime example of this kind of respect is the Prayer Tent sponsored by Unity in Christ. We’ve noticed it out on Upper Sproul Plaza over the past few days, so when The Clog had an opportunity to interview junior Eun Sun Cho — a sociology and social welfare major — to learn more about the Prayer Tent and its general purpose, we jumped on it. read more »

The Clog is impressed. Earlier today on Upper Sproul Plaza, Berkeley’s chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship astutely recognized students’ eagerness to hate on religion–and turned it against them! (Gasp.)clog-stuff-021.jpg

There we were, minding our own business at the Golden Bear Cafe, when suddenly a sign hung on a clothesline (which was, incidentally, attached to the Daily Cal distribution kiosk-thing) caught our eye. “My issues with Christianity are,” it read. Our interest was piqued! An opportunity to pick our ever-festering bones with Christendom presented itself, at last. Below the big sign hung the words of our fellow religion-haters, a veritable rainbow of complaints written with care on note cards. We approached. read more »