What going to Cal can feel like.

What going to Cal can feel like.

Sometimes we get a little psycho during stressful times in college. We find ourselves doing crazy things like staying up all night studying, or waking up with our heads on our desks. While that regretted crick in your neck will even itself out eventually, you might want to take a closer look at yourself if your bad study habits have forced you to trade your ID lanyard for a neck brace.

Here are ten signs that getting that perfect GPA might be more trouble than it’s worth:

1. The milk in your fridge isn’t for cereal, it’s coffee creamer. (Breakfast? What’s that?)

2. Actually, scratch that – Red Bull: Breakfast of champions.

3. Someone tells you your mascara is running. Turns out they’re talking about the permanent dark circles under your eyes.

4. You’ve re-read three textbooks to pass your history class, and still get a B.

5. You consider dropping out because of that B.

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sleepy time

We are college students.
Being college students, we work very hard.
Working very hard, we lack solid sleep.
Lacking solid sleep, we become miserable bastards.

To put it in a nutshell, we all have a general idea of why this is the case. Besides the fact that obviously we’re not physically able to get a full 7 to 8 hours worth of sleep while trying to maintain even an average GPA – unless we surrender most of our extracurricular activities and every aspect of our social lives. We also tend to ignore the fact that we often cut into the middle of our sleep cycles, which causes us to wake up feeling, frankly, like shit.

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sleepSo, according to scientists, humans spend about one-third of their lives merely sleeping.

Sure doesn’t feel like it with finals coming up.

We students are all dragging ourselves to those study sessions and groups, occupying libraries, falling asleep over our dining commons food – anything to remove ourselves far far far away from our soft beds with our favorite comforter and squishy pillows and and our fantasies kissing Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Adriana Lima (take your pick) and … and …

Ah, it’s so easy to drone on about our relationships with sleep (and the ones we imagine about while doing so). And for very good reason.

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