Piedmont Trees

Imagine Channing Circle full of shady trees to sit under.

That is how the iconic meridian used to look like according to Friends of Piedmont Way, a group restoring Piedmont Avenue to its original design by famous landscape architect Frederick Olmsted.

Back in the early 2000’s, Friends of Piedmont Way began a project to return Piedmont Avenue back into “a broad and graceful tree-lined streetscape”. At the core of this group are Michael Kelly and Frederica Drotos, a husband and wife team that is determined to make Piedmont as green as it ever was, one tree at a time. read more »

Read this.  Now play this:

Are you crying yet? Because we definitely are.  And no amount of Facilities Service’s industrial solvent will wash away the tracks of our tears. Moment of silence, please?

Image of Jimi Hendrix Lost During Sather Gate Restoration [Daily Cal]
Jimi Hendrix Little Wing Winterland 12.10.68 [YouTube]
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Sather Gate, the southern portal to maze-like buildings and soporific lectures, will be restored this school year in an effort to protect the campus icon. Don’t be afraid, younguns, she’ll be looking fresh and perky again in no time!

A $1.5 million restoration project will focus on the deteriorating areas of the gate. The schedule is as follows:

* Friday, Oct. 10: scaffolding erected around the gate, preparations to remove brass and steel metal work
* Thanksgiving: naked gate! Pillars and glass orbs will remain.
* Next spring: a triumphant and beautiful return

We fear the sight of a skeletal Sather Gate, but we guess we’ll just have to make do while the restoration team’s sprucing up our own bronze lady.

Image Source: Raymond Yee under Creative Commons
Iconic Sather Gate to be restored to its former majesty [NewsCenter]